Welcome, You With Good Taste,

The quintessential gold frame, or my interpretation, is a heavy oversized, ornate gaudy thing that envelopes the image giving it great importance. They are timeless and fit into any decor style. The frame I speak of is posh, old and not exactly priced for everyone's budget. So, I made them out of card board. Mind you, quality durable solid black card board, or you might know it as mat board used to mat pictures. I tossed in a mat board Chinese Plate Holder to make the frame super sweet. I have a few Faux Museum® frames hanging on my walls, so the plate holders are used to prop up my favorite decor magazines. You can go anywhere with this style but I have solid black and more beautiful gilded patterns in the pipeline.

The frames will make your art, photos and decor come alive. Guaranteed

Yours truly,

Suzette Mehler,

Frame Creator and President



For Bulk & Large Quantity Orders email Suzette at


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